February 11, 2009

Group plus Passing Parameters in the URL to Reports Server

After an Oracle Reports is done sometimes we need to group out new information, and if you have already done some visual enhancements manually you must add this new group manually too.

Just follow this document to get the job done:

Reports Grouping

If you need to call an Oracle Reports report directly on the browser, or through a HTML static page the link will be something like this:



  • "7778" - is the default iAS middle tier port, but in your case it can be other or simply none (which is 80)

  • "myreport.rdf" has to be in a directory pointed out by the env param REPORTS_PATH at the reports server

  • "PARAM1" and "PARAM2" are parameters from the report "myreport" which in this case are taking the values 700 and 900

  • "full_reports_server_name" most of the times has this format: "rep_myhost_mymiddletieroraclehomename"

  • "myaccount" its a Oracle Database username

  • "mydb" its the net service name of the database you want to connect to. This must be set in the Middle Tier Oracle Home in the reports server, through a TNSNAMES.ORA file or LDAP server.

The result page will ask you for your username password and will run you report showing you back in PDF format for with you have to have installed a plug-in in your browser like Adobe's Acrobat or any other free plug-in available.

This is very usefull when you need to test your reports without having to write a Forms form or a java servlet.

If you want to skip the Parameter Form just add in the end of the URL: "&paramform=no" otherwise the application server will display it.

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