March 9, 2009

All About Enterprise Manager Management

Well in fact it's not all but just the most popular commands and concepts that I've come around to notice that been lacking on most of the customer sites I visit.

First the concepts:

Concept number 1: The Listener Dependency

Enterprise Manager it's a JDBC dependent application that needs TNS port and hostname at it's creation. So if you change the hostname or the listener, just wave goodbye to your current EM configuration. You have to deconfigure and configure again.

An example of this is when you choose to create EM at the database creation it's useless if you haven't already started up at least one TNS listener.

Concept number 2: The Database Framework of EM

At the service level EM it's a java application that you either configure or deconfigure. But at the database level, EM has two components: the repository and the communication layer. For the repository there is a user called SYSMAN that has it's objects stored in the SYSAUX tablespace; and for the communication layer there is the user DBSNMP. There are other objects linked to EM in the database:

    • View MGMT_VIEW

    • Role MGMT_USER


Since 10gR2 you must always use Enterprise Manager Configuration Assistant (EMCA) instead of the old tools like “RepManager”.

Statement Group 1: Configuration of the Service Layer of EM

To configure the service layer:

	$ emca -config dbcontrol db 

To deconfigure the service layer:

	$ emca -deconfig dbcontrol db 

To change the HTTP port:

$ emca -reconfig ports -DBCONTROL_HTTP_PORT 5500

To secure the HTTP connection (standalone):

	$ emctl secure dbconsole

To secure the HTTP connection (grid control):

	$ emctl secure oms

Statement Group 2: Configuration of the Database Layer of EM

Create the objects in the database (SYSMAN objects, etc):

	$ emca -repos create

Drop the database repository (maybe to re-create it afterwards):

	$ emca -repos drop

Statement Group 3: All-in-one statements

Take it all out:

	$ emca -deconfig dbcontrol db -repos drop

Or if you don't want to be bored with questions:

$ emca -deconfig dbcontrol db -repos drop -SID my_sid -PORT 1521 -SYSMAN_PWD my_sysman_pass -SYS_PWD  my_sys_pass

Put it all back in with fewer questions:

$ emca -config dbcontrol db -repos create -SID my_sid -PORT 1521 -SYSMAN_PWD my_sysman_pass -SYS_PWD  my_sys_pass -DBSNMP_PWD my_dbsnmp_pass

Put it all back in the more interactive way:

	$ emca -config dbcontrol db -repos create

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