October 24, 2012

Everything you ever wanted to know about Big Data, but had no PDF to carry around!

Back in March 2012 I experienced an air milage overflow: almost straight from Madrid I've picked a flight to Israel to speak at a Big Data conference, only to be back in Lisbon and fly again to Johannesburg in South Africa to meet several customers in the retail and manufacturing area. Back to Lisbon I packed again to London and then off to Paris.

This gave me not only miles but also plenty of time to arrange ideas and think about sharing a story that would make sense for other people to understand the silent revolution of Big Data. The starting point were some scattered notes in my berry taken while in a flight to Tel Aviv, and then I threw them into a document, while flying over the great African continent. The final shape was given in the few hours of spare time I had in a Sandton hotel in South Africa. Then some more airport hours inspired me to develop my own graphics, and it was between a macaron and a green tea in Orly Airport in Paris that I got to shape it to its (almost) final form.

It's an informative paper, so no space in the Oracle.com as a white-paper. I came to discover that this type of document is called "Green paper" according to the naming conventions. Because of this lack of definition, and because I could never go back to it and decide what to do with it, it stayed in a folder somewhere for months.

After a trip to the UK to meet and greet some Oracle Partners in the Big Data arena, I realized that this document really needed to see the light. With the appropriate disclosure statements in it, I try to shed light into the plethora of concepts bouncing around, and what really are the basic aspects everyone should master before diving into Big Data.

Read it here, enjoy and please give your feedback.


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