July 11, 2013

Oracle Corp at useR! Conference 2013 #useR2013 #rstats

This year's R User Conference happened in Albacete (Spain), gathering R professionals and enthusiasts all over the world since 2004, when it first began in Vienna.


The sponsors this year were  REvolution analyticsGoogleR-StudioOracle, and TIBCO. Other companies like OpenAnalytics and Mango Solutions were also present with a booth stand.

Besides sponsoring the event, Oracle also had a booth and a presentation slot.

The slides of the presentation can be found here.

Funny how much people were not aware of the meaning of the Iron Man action figure that kept us all safe at the booth and kept reaching out for candy :-)

At the booth we showcased some examples with a virtual machine, and also presented some videos on how to integrate Oracle R Enterprise with OBIEE. We also took the chance to pass the word about Mark's and Tom's new book called: "Using R to Unlock the Value of Big Data: Big Data Analytics with Oracle R Enterprise and Oracle R Connector for Hadoop" by Oracle Press.

We will be looking forward next year's edition in Los Angeles, CA!

Luis Campos.

** Update **

A couple of months after the event ended I received an email to go online and fill in a feedback form about the event. I replied to that email by saying that I had already done it in paper during the event. The organisation of the 2013's useR Conference was mainly comprised of university people, either staff or even undergrads. Things went reasonably well, but when I got the reply to my mail I was in awe. It seems that the hundreds of paper forms that people from all over the globe have filled in, were stuck into a cardboard box and now they were all... gone!

In an era of digital information management I couldn't believe something like this would ever happen. If this would happen in a non-tech conference you could somehow excuse (no you couldn't), but in a data scientists conference this was absolutely appalling. We're not asking for iPads on the reception and all the tech gear to be available for the attendees of the conference. The people that participate in events took their precious time to fill in a paper feedback form, that they could comfortably could have done online. It's a double mistake: not using a method to make people's life easier at a conference, and making their own life's miserable.

This example reminds me of a known Portuguese lawyer who makes a living partially out of writing books and reported some years ago that he lost a complete book when someone stole his laptop. I don't know which example is more ridiculous. Nevertheless I imagine that in this day and age lots of other people haven't realised how far we came in terms of making sure stuff like does not happen again and just how easy it became.

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