March 5, 2014

Oracle User Group Norway here I go!

ImageIt's with great pleasure that I have accepted the invitation done by the fine gentlemen at the OUGN to be a part of this year's spring boat OUGN Conference taking us all to high seas, sharing on board the latest and greatest technology trends in the Oracle ecosystem in early April.

I will be speaking about:

  • Data First models - How interesting is to see architectures being created inside organisations, that will absorb Data First and probably will never model it, or will model it later. Tagging, ontologies, and other classification mechanisms are really making they way into Data Management replacing old school data modelling.

  • Big Data Customer projects - Going through some of the most interesting customer cases, where Oracle Big Data Solutions were implemented.

So I couldn't be more excited for this opportunity to join the group both as a speaker and as an attendee. Thanks to Frank and √ėyvind.

Check out my scheduled sessions here:


*** UPDATE ***

The OUGN is a reference in terms of organization of OUG events. Not only the event takes place in a moving huge boat that goes from Oslo to Kiel and back, but the amount of parallel tracks makes you feel like a mini-OOW. Outstanding! I was meeting customers when not giving my two speaking slots, so I could only manage to see a couple of sessions. But even at dinner time I was working, representing Oracle, so there was very little time to relax. On the other hand we were all stuck in a boat, so where else could you go? Kind of a smart and a bit evil plan at the same time :-)

I met some exciting teams but to my awe I sat down to have dinner right next to Cary Millsap. When working for Oracle, Cary wrote many documents that serve as a reference to me and my job back then. So it was a pleasure to finally meet him in person. I asked him was he was up to these last years and he mentioned Method-R, and most importantly the need he felt to have developed tools to help Oracle DBAs decode trace files.

Other gentleman that not only was a pleasure to meet, but to hang around Oslo on the day we arrived, was Jim Czuprynski. Jim is an ACE Director, fine gentleman and a great soul. We shared an afternoon at the Vigeland Sculpture Park in Oslo before I took my plane back to Lisbon. Our way until then was from the boat dock by foot. We refused to use technology to walk our way through Oslo to get to the park. Jim had a paper map, and I relied on my visual representation of Oslo, and also asking around. We got there, Jim was nice enough to paid to our sandwiches for lunch, and off we went to stroll around talking about several things in life and in the Oracle world.

I'm not sure if I'll be back in 2015, but this is one OUG experience to keep close to the heart!

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