March 15, 2015

Where is north from here?

Who OUGN 15

I did it again. Another Oracle User Group Norway 2015 spring seminar riding the boat from Oslo to Kiel in Germany, and back again. It's not known to be a conference where you can accommodate lots of hours of sleep since there are more than 100 sessions, lots of stands to meet and greet, loads of activity on the boat and a mandatory stop in Kiel for a stroll in Terra Firma (Where is north from here?).

This is a huge event, a magnificent team work, and one I'm proud to be a speaker in. I have delivered two sessions, saw old friends (Espen Barroso-Gomez I owe you a beer), met new ones (@AinoAn), and had great fun at the Expo Center. Øyvind Isene (@OyvindIsene) was the master of ceremonies backed up by a great team. In his team I would like to send a special shout and thanks to Ann-Sofie Often (@AnsoOften). I know all the board members were beyond the extra mile: Kjell Tore Aspeslåen, Jon Petter Hjulstad (@Jphjulstad) and forgive me all the others for not mention you by name.

This fantastic event wouldn't be possible without the partners:

  • Oracle Norway (great to see again Nils, Tore, Naci, Frode, Neal, Lars, and Audun). I've crashed the car so many times that it still hurts :-) Great fun. Nils - I want those compromising pictures :-)

  • Knowit (praise the Lord Bjørn Deverill-Mathisen!) who had the most wanted prize (a Drone) and most curious question to win it: "If the day had 2 extra hours, how many more days per years would you enjoy?"

  • Sysco: amazing to see the amazing people from this Bergen based posh jacuzzi bullseye focused company! Master of them all Frank Vikingstad, the lady with the glowing charm Sissel Nøkling, and the rest of the cool cats! Right Ronny?). I still think your video has a cyber-security flavor to it. Nevermind, I've hit the bullseye. Mission acomplished!

  • Bicon: Great to see again Øyvind Larsen and Fredrik Hoem Grelland again. You guys took out of the box booth juicing to another level! Aaron and Lars: we've missed you, but we know someone needs to be back at the shop taking care of business.

  • Acando: This was one of my favorite booths, just because I like mini-Golf! The stand also had great food. This is a nest of real experts and that's probably why they are recently part of the Red Expert Alliance.

  • Cognizant: A global partner of this scale just validates that OUGN is so much bigger than Norway. These guys went nuts and gave away Apple TVs and iPhone 6's. Great enthusiasm. No place for boring stands.

  • Right Consulting: Another partner that went crazy on the Apple gadgetry giveway. iPads all around. Great Heiniken though. I used it to compensate not winning the iPad, that my good friend Roar took away home. OK buddy, you deserve it. I think I lost it because Bjørn filled in my form... Just a guess.

From the other partner booths I remember a fantastic real life data visualization board that blew me away and kept me talking to the booth owners a lot. The following image shows the interesting intersection of several humans aspects, some of them quite contradicting: a Metal music Hipster! Or a an Introvert into Raves! Great stuff.

It was also a chance to see other speakers from previous year, namely my fellow countryman Luis Marques (@drune) and others.

I had lots of fun delivering my sessions as well but again this year one of the sessions was scheduled for the 8:30am slot, in which I was supposed to talk about Data Science and the new Oracle Big Data Discovery tool. I had 13 brave souls so my deepest thank to Ann-Sofie from OUGN and Acando, Fredrik and Øyvind Larsen from Bicon, Cinthia (in charge of pictures and all around motivation!) and the rest of the audience including the nodding bloke from Cognizant. You always need a nodding head otherwise it might get tough unloading 42 slides of data science at 8:30am!

This is a reference event for other OUGs around Europe and also the world, not just because is held on a boat. A big one. It's because curiosity meets expertise and ability to share it. In the middle you might get some tedious things, some very arrogant positions, some gaps of context, but it's all part of the party. It's the sheer variety of talks that makes this a reference OUG. Congrats again to all the OUGN board members, and its President. The world needs more people like you. I will see you soon.

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