August 3, 2015

Doxastic Commitment or “Soul in the Game”

The title was taken shamelessly without permission from “Antifragile”, the latest book from one of my favourite writers of the brave new (economic) world: Nassim Taleb.
If you can't wrap your head around Nassim's Doxastic definition, you can surely understand and related to “Soul in the Game”. Not Skin but Soul. This sums up my latest professional responsibility in helping to bring Big Data to a state of mainstream business in EMEA inside the behemoth that is Oracle Corporation. Soul moved first and then skin came later. I loved this journey of almost 3 years evangelising, developing business and changing mind sets. Letting the data set change people's mind set only works when they have a vision. I'm truly proud to be able have carved the vision for the passing and years to come. I have talked in countless events, done exciting keynotes, published papers, documents, met amazing people, worked with fantastic customers, partners and colleagues that kept me going and motivated, making me feel I was in the right place!

Now it’s time to move on.

To the Cloud. The smorgasbord of modern IT. The Cloud changed the way technology was consumed by individual people, and now it's changing the way companies will articulate business applications. The revolution will only happen in organisations feel comfortable in the Cloud. It needs to be secure, managed and extensible. This is where PaaS fits in. This is where I fit in. This is where I've been lucky to do since joining Oracle: drive exponential growth on new areas. I've done it in the past with Exadata, then Engineered Systems, then Big Data, and now Cloud Platform Services (PaaS).

I will be leading the business development of all Data Management services in the Oracle Platform:

Responsible for the go-to-market success of Core Technology products in the Oracle Platform Cloud (PaaS) for EMEA:

- Database Cloud Service
- Database Backup Cloud Service
- Exadata Cloud Service
- Big Data Cloud Service
- Big Data SQL Cloud Service
- Big Data Preparation Cloud Service
- NoSQL Database Cloud Service

I also focus on Hybrid DBaaS, Oracle Database innovations and Cloud Architecture.

The goal in the end? Always the same. Make IT relevant in the new digital economy.

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