August 14, 2019

Dropping the mic

This is not a tech post. Sorry. In fact my relationship with my blog has been the most open possible. I've started blogging in 2007, mainly to put out notes from my notebook about how I solved customer problems and to document the tools I developed in that process.
When I joined Oracle Corporation in 2009, I had to either delete the blog, or delete every single post where I had URLs to documents that were exclusive to customers who paid support. That was the right thing to do, so in order to keep my blog open, I deleted all those posts where I would say that if you have problem A you should go and read document B from Oracle MySupport website. It was not even ethical to keep it online, since those correlations where based on my own experiences, but someone else with a similar problem, may have needed a deeper root cause analysis so it was not right to keep those pieces of writing up online.
When I joined Oracle I became more technological fluent, but less technical, so my blogging style changed. Again I could not even blog 10% of the material I was creating internally at Oracle, because I was lucky enough to be working constantly in new areas, and most of the stuff was still not public. So again I stopped blogging altogether.
Now I left Oracle, and joined Amazon. At Amazon you are more encouraged to write, but I'm still representing a company and that writing has a specific context.

So before I know what to do with this blog, I come back every now and then, and publish something.

Well, this time I will share the article I wrote 2 weeks ago, which explains my last career move. Hope you enjoy.

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